Marple Festival 2013 Coming Soon

Marple Food & Drink Day 2013

Saturday 14 September 10am-4pm

Come and enjoy the popular Food & Drink market on Market Street with local traders, shops and cafes displaying their wares!

Back by Popular Demand - Samuel Oldknow Pie Competition

The Samuel Oldknow Pie Competition was a wheeze dreamt up at the first festival as a bit of fun to see if anyone could come up with a pie the Samuel might have fed to his apprentices at Bottoms Mill.

If you’re passionate about pies, then why not enter the Festival Pie Competition on the Food & Drink Day on 14th September.

It is open to amateur cooks only and there are 2 classes, one for savoury and and one for sweet. Pies should be submitted to the tent on Market St between 12noon and 1pm on the day Judging will be between 1pm and 2pm and will be carried out by 2 previous winners The winners of each class will receive bottles of wine

Watch this space for more details!!

This is a joint performance with the Festival Brass Quintet and an organ recital by Reg Holmes on the famous 'Father' Willis Organ – all making a majestic sound in the Church. A family afternoon hear tomorrow's bands on our doorstep Glastonbury comes to Marple! The Festival’s local community radio partner, Pure 107.8FM organises local groups to perform in Memorial Park. A photographic competition will be launched at St Martin’s Church and will run throughout the two weeks with prizes for children and adults. The theme is “The Marple Festival’, of course! Entry forms will be available on this Saturday providing all information and photographs need to be completed by the evening of Saturday 25th September, after the Food & Drink Day, one of the events which many budding photographers will want to try to capture.

As part of the national Heritage Open Days, the Horseboating Society and Tudor Cruising Club and I.W.I. plan a spectacular boat gathering in Marple over the weekend of 10-13 September and many boats visiting during the Festival. Throughout the year 2000, well known local photographer David Brindley made a photographic record of the people of Marple going about their daily business. All weekend – the perfect way to enjoy the last of the summer days a Real Ale and Fine Wine Festival which will provide a range of drinks to delight the most discerning palette. There will be a range of real ales with ABVs from 3.8% up to 7% and a range of tastes to suit all lovers of real ale, plus micro-brewed lager and some really tasty ciders and perry.

Best things about Marple Festival

If you are looking for a full day of delicious food, refreshing drinks and festive atmosphere than you should not miss The Marple Festival. The renowned annual tradition of bringing together great cooks and people with an amazing appetite is taking place again, this September. More than that, if you feel that a whole year of practicing your family’s secret pie recipe has given you the much needed experience to win the grand prize for amateur cooks, than you will get your chance in front of a select group of judges.

Food and drink festivals have been organized for centuries and they have always been the perfect occasion for communities to display the spoils of a year’s work in the fields. The Marple Festival has abided to this concept and even today many locals save their best products to show to the incoming visitors and travelers. If you want to get a good share of the goods and impress your London escorts you took from, then this is the place to go on a Sunday morning. The good food and the rich drinks will make you forget about the chaotic city life.

The Marple Festival is organized by the whole community and it relies on donations and on the sales processed on the day of the event. A great way to support this local tradition is to visit it with as many friends or escorts as you can. The lovely gents and ladies will be grateful that they will see this custom continued with the financial help of outside visitors.

Music has always played a big part in the Marple Festival. Local bands and musicians take the street to perform traditional songs or personal compositions which they have worked on for almost a year. The melodies that you will hear have an upbeat rhythm and a positive message that your London escorts are bound to enjoy and dance to. Certain songs are so popular that they attract large groups of people into dancing in the streets, so don’t be afraid if at a certain point you find yourself stomping your feet on a jumpy tune with the locals.

The Samuel Oldknow Pie competition is one of the most anticipated events of the Marple Festival. Many amateur cooks register for this contest in the hope of winning the grand prize. Some of the rules include the sole use of local meat and dairy as well as serving the pie with home-brewed beer or wine.

The Marple Festival is a delightful event that will have you coming back for years in a row. You and your escorts will be enchanted by the variety of food, drinks and the buskers’ music. With a wide selection of cooked meat, fresh fish, artisan bread and home-brewed beverages, it is hard to imagine if any visitor will leave this event starving or empty handed. The festival is also a great way to experience the life of a community that choses to promote itself through good taste and jovial ambience.